Lab is the nuclear technical department of our company. We have launched into much resource to purchase advanced and applied instrument equipment, and have fitted out several excellent technical talents.Lab plays an important part in the quality supervision and research of our products.So far, more and more European standards have been tested by our company .

1、 EN530(abrasion resistance)
2、 EN 14116、EN532(flame resistance)
3、 EN1149(electrostatic resistance)
4、 ASTM-D1148(anti-yellowing)
5、 EN471 5.1(brightness coefficient; chroma coordinate: β;x,y)
6、 ISO 2813(gloss meter)
7、 CIE /97/(color difference)
8、 EN ISO 14184(content of formaldehyde)
9、 ISO 4920[Textile Fabrics - Determination of Resistance to Surface Wetting (Spray Test) First        Edition ]
10、GB/T 17593(content of Cr (VI))
11、color fastness test :
  1)ISO 105 B04
  2)ISO 105 B01
  3)ISO 105 C06
  4)ISO 105 E04
12、ISO 811、EN20811(resistance to water pressure)
13、ASTM E96/E96M(permeability)
14、ISO 3071(PH value)
15、physical properties test :
  1)ISO 1421
  2)ISO 2411
  3)ISO 4674
  4)ISO 13938
  5)ISO 5402

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